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Polyester seat covers

Thanks to the low weight and fineness of the material, polyester seat covers are very easy to process. Due to their excellent wear resistance, they have a very long service life.

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal offers easy-to-clean polyester seat covers in four different versions. They are based on different technologies and are available both as velvets and flat weaves.

Velvet polyester premium

The high thread density endows Velvet polyester premium seat covers with an elegantly glossy surface. Superb pile resilience and lightfastness assure long-lasting beautiful looks as well.

Velvet polyester bicolor

The weaving technique with changing pile heights gives velvet polyester bicolor seat covers a gracefully shiny surface. Low susceptibility to wrinkling preserves the vehicle interior's as-new look for a long time.

Polyester comfort flat weave

The small-patterned, graphically striking designs of the seat covers add vibrant charisma to interiors. Despite their reduced weight and fineness of the fabric, these seat covers are very rugged; thanks to high wear-resistance, they preserve their as-new look for extended periods of time.